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About coinforecast.org

Originally, it all started with a neural network for sequence computation in time series. The goal was to obtain as precise a tendency as possible by sequence predictions for time series in a recurrent neural network and LSTM layers. In doing so, elaborate procedures were developed, which are responsible for the classification of neural networks, among other things.

With the help of the classification methods, an algorithm was developed that automates the generic generation and parameterization of individual neural networks. Using this critical algorithm, hundreds of models could now be generated daily with historical time series data, released in complex build processes, and deployed in microservices.

The transformation process from raw data to models was fully functional from this point on, and access to the interfaces was guaranteed. For the visualization of the model results, a runtime environment was used that is both non-blocking and scalable for high network loads.

The project was published under the domain coinforecast.org in 2021, and is the result of several years of work. It is available to the public as an free tool and should be considered as one tool among many for cryptocurrency information gathering. At this point, we would like to point out our disclaimer once again:

The workplace

This is my workstation from where I process (program) all API data to desktop, mobile and web applications. Probably a Mac Mini would have been enough, but then my table would be so empty ;)

Tensorflow Server

This is where all the magic happens. The Tensorflow models are calculated around the clock, and the data is uploaded to the server online. Two of the three servers (which are in my basement) each calculate cryptocurrency models 250 models.

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Our next goals? To the roadmap!

Help shape this platform and send us your ideas, wishes and comments via email and if they convince us, we will include them in our roadmap.